Waste Bin GeoTainer® Model GTM

... uniquely diverse

Salient Characteristics

What appears to be discreetly elegant on the surface, has something to hide. Whereas until now most litter bins have been quite small, the GeoTainer® model GTM can accommodate larger quantities of litter from 0.6 - 1.0 m³ - underground.

To empty the GTM the deposit column is unlocked and tilted back to reveal a
large opening for the suction pipe of the road sweeper

  • „„A combination of practicality for everyday use and clean town-centre
  • Cool storage underground is more hygienic - less trouble with nasty smells, insects or vermin centered vacuum shaft and inclined walls facilitate optimal cleaning
  • Litter is protected from the wind - no litter "drifts"
  • Easy and compact system.
    1 opening for filling and emptying!
  • Large volume 600 - 1000 litres means less frequent emptying; as a rule, no need to empty at the weekend
  • Throw-in column can be tilted, lockable any blockages in the column are easy to deal with
  • Non-flammable, can be completely recycled

Technical Information

Throw-in columns


Optional extras

  • Powder coating according to your choice from the RAL colour code chart
  • Dividing bar to reduce the size of the opening
  • Ash tray
  • Covering plate

If necessary, the column can be removed e.g. as a safety precaution or to make more space if the location is needed for other purposes. In this case the vacuum shaft is covered using a special covering plate.



    • 0.6 m³ = 790 mm

    • 0.8 m³ = 990 mm

    • 1.0 m³ = 1190 mm