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Committed to the environment

Sudlohn Site I, Manufacturing and Administration
Sudlohn Site I, Manufacturing and Administration
Halberstadt Site II, Manufacturing
Halberstadt Site II, Manufacturing

Our rooftop photovoltaic installations bring annual savings of 990 mt CO2 emissions!

Active climate protection

Professional waste separation has become increasingly important within the context of sustainability. This was reason enough for us to build the Logistic Centre and to open an additional paint shop in Suedlohn. These two projects help show how the course has been set for the future.

Clean manufacturing is one key to a clean environment. We put a strong focus on renewable energy sources: we have a large rooftop photovoltaic installation that makes an important contribution to Bauer's commendable eco-balance.

We have a responsibility

Further training opportunities and qualification

Training is a process and not something restricted to the time spent on an educational or vocational course. The new "Forum" is a meeting place for employees, customers and sales partners, ideal for training sessions, seminars and presentations. The facilities are equipped with the most modern presentation and conference technology - the perfect venue at which to meet and exchange ideas.  

More than 40 years experience in training apprentices

At Bauer training is taken seriously - a combination of vocational and educational training (a so-called dual system) covers practical aspects and is forward-looking too. Several of our graduates have been the "Best Student of the Year" a title awarded by the regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce Northern Westphalia.

Commitment to Suedlohn

Bauer GmbH is the first company in Suedlohn to cooperate with local schools as part of the project "Partners - Schools and Businesses" initiated by the regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce Northern Westphalia.

Social Commitment

The Dieter Bauer Foundation has supported both cancer and MPS research since 2003. Funds from the foundation go to non-profit making organizations i.e. charities only, who help those affected. Further information (German only) is available at:

Innovation – Construction – Production

BAUER GmbH not only develops and manufactures attachments for forklift trucks, products for the environmental sector and recycling and waste containers, the company also sells their own products on international markets.

Founded in 1966 by Heinz Dieter Bauer, the BAUER GmbH is now one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Qualified personnel and the use of the most modern manufacturing technology available guarantee our products meet the highest standards where safety and quality are concerned. In 1993 the company was certified for the first time according to DIN EN ISO 9001; the implementation of this quality assurance management system guarantees consistent high quality "made by BAUER".

BAUER products are only manufactured on the sites in Sudlohn and Halberstadt, where the BAUER Group employs over 350 people.

Products for a lovely clean world

The combination of today‘s demands on modern town planners and landscape designers plus varying conditions on location make it necessary to consider customized solutions.

Our versatile range of container systems - underground, semi-underground and overground - for the collection of the most common types of waste clearly shows which concepts have become established on the market. Our manufacturing programme is uniquely diverse - volume and design can be chosen to suit the application.

Decades of experience and market presence qualify us - a family business - as a reliable partner. 

Our Recycling and Waste Materials Containers not only comply with German standards and regulations they distinguish themselves by setting new standards.